Our teachers are certified through Yoga Alliance, have a minimum 200 hour Teacher Training, carry liability insurance, and are current in First-Aid and CPR training.

  • Maria


    Maria has felt a deep connection to the therapeutic benefits of yoga, both mental and physical, starting at a very young age. It was not until she began practicing the Ashtanga vinyasa method in 2010 did she begin to experience the powerful and transformative nature of yoga within herself, her interactions with others, and her purpose in the world. In the summer of 2012 she participated in an intensive study with David Swenson and senior level teachers, Jeff and Harmony Litchy of Ashtanga Yoga Victoria.

    Upon successfully completing this program she received her RYT-200 and soon after continued living and travelling throughout Central America and Mexico. Apart from her passion for travel, she has found a place to call home at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver and feels blessed to learn from her teachers Tanya Salas and Fiona Stang. You can always find her smiling and laughing both inside and outside of the yoga studio. Her philosophy is to live life from a place of love, lightheartedness and compassion. Everyday she draws inspiration from the devoted practitioners within the yoga community and is eternally grateful for all the love!

  • Julian


    Julian Edwards is a mentor to his community and shifts the lives of others in the direction of positive choice, motivating personal growth to those within the community to evolve through spirituality, culture, inner peace, and self-acceptance. Blending his First Nations culture within his practices, Julian continues to reach out to those seeking spiritual balance. "I enjoy teaching in an artistic and creative way that blends visualizations of nature and of my own teaching related to my culture, integrating spirituality within a practice to open our minds to self discovery, liberation and enlightenment. Dharma yoga is my lineage, and I enjoy sharing the spiritual knowledge of Sri Dharma Mittra. My purpose in life so far is to provide transcendental knowledge for those that join me on the mat, and to expand your breath and the fullest potentiality of Atman within your spirit. Namaste." He is active in serving at-risk youth; teaching children and elders, the LGQT community, serving individuals with developmental disabilities and traveling to First Nations communities to teach all styles of yoga such as Dharma Yoga, Power Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Restorative, Iyengar, Ecstatic Yoga, and ballet inspired dance yoga. Julian Edwards 200-HR YT

  • Dolly


    I'm a devoted student of yoga philosophy and spirituality which I weave into the physical practice to create a transformational experience. I want to pass my knowledge and understanding to my students because yoga is for every body and the benefits are immeasurable.

    My intent is to bring meaning to the practice so that you will leave class with a sense of inner peace. I truly believe the yoga asanas connect us to a higher being, in whatever form that may be, and through this connection comes kindness, compassion and love for each other.

    Come grow with me where music is played as breath to movement flows.

    Classes taught: hatha, vinyasa, power, yin, restorative and kundalini.
Om Office Yoga, Vancouver, British Columbia
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