I was attending one of Dolly's yin classes and felt a migraine coming on. They have NEVER gone away on their own, without taking a painkiller, but this time was different. Dolly's soothing tone, cadence and what she was saying took me to another place where my migraine went away without meds ! A minor miracle in my book. She is a wonderful instructor, as well. Patient, kind and constantly scanning the class to make sure our alignment is ok.
Dan Nemeth
Westcoast Hot Yoga

  • “Dolly is a wonderful yoga teacher. In her classes you will cultivate strength, peace and acceptance. If you are one of her regular students, you will see how soon your body and mind start changing. Dolly's Hatha and Vinyasa classes incorporate flow sequences that will challenge your body without loosing sight of breath, alignment and modifications. I've always enjoyed every single class I've taken with Dolly, and I don't think my yoga practice will be as solid without her help. She truly cares for the well-being her students.”
    Silvia Almanza Alonso
    Bloom Yoga Studio

  • “Dolly Araquel presents a program that puts students in touch with their power as a force that drives through the body and into the world A core of strength, confidence, ability and the joy in those. Her teaching gives calm, clear and precise instruction in each movement of a pose, emphasizing balance, over strength, and asking students to do the pose only as far as they are able. "Is your body doing the pose or your ego?". Her talks inspire us to look beyond the mat get beyond ego and take our gift from that day's asana practise into the world. Her own abilities open us to our potentials.. Her energy has been with me as I am completing my 200 hr yoga teacher training. I did a headstand for the first time from the source of Dolly's "You can do it" belief.”
    Ann McQueen
    Bloom Yoga Studio

  • “Dolly's challenging classes are a great combination of asanas, breathing techniques, meditation and spirituality. Her balanced energy and strong sequencing makes you feel strong and calm at the end of her classes.”
    Begonia Silva
    Karma Teachers Studio

Om Office Yoga, Vancouver, British Columbia
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